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RadhaKrishn, 21June 2021, Written Update: Krishna Tells Lakshmi Katha Today

RadhaKrishn, 21June 2021, Written Update: Krishna Tells Lakshmi Katha Today
RadhaKrishn, 21June 2021, Written Update: Krishna Tells Lakshmi Katha Today: StarBharat Show Radhakrishn

RadhaKrishn, 21June 2021, Written Update: Krishna Tells Lakshmi Katha Today:  In today's episode of Radhakrishna, you will see that in start Sandipani gets very angry at Radha for providing so bitter water to them to break their fast.

Alakshmi says that please don't cursed Radha if you want to curse then curse me not Radha for this polite nature by Alakshmi Guru Sandipani said that how polite and innocent you are Alakshmi now I am not cursing Radha.

Krishna and Alakshmi depart from their and Krishna gets angry on Alakshmi i have promised you but don't play with the emotions of Guru Sandipani he is my guru he can even also cursed you if you do these type of things. Now Shamba comes their and asked his father Krishna that please go to Guru Sandipani.

Now Radha and Jestha (aka Alakshmi) in the Rasoi Ghar where Radha is alone and Jestha said that we have to make a good food for them and said we have to make Kheer for them which is quite sweet food and Radha said Jestha please make it but Jestha refused and them Radha politely says you can do it.

And Then Other side Sandipani said how much time Krishna for food to be prepared and Krishna ordered to Samba to take a look at Rasoi Ghar and Samba goes there and says to Radha that Sri Radha is food have been prepared or not and Radha replied some more time required for food.

Now Balram says to Krishna that Krishna we have to do something otherwise all Guru Var will gets very angried and then Krishna says that in Dwarka we all do Asta Lakshmi Katha At Evening then Krishna started Dhanya Lakshmi Katha he started the Katha- There is King of Mithila Janak where the drought comes up then whole community so the Rishi says to King Janak that pray to Dhanya Lakshmi and use hal in the ground then when he is doing hal in the ground he says that his hall has been locked in some part of sand then when he opened it he find a powerful light with a girl coming up and then he took this girl and says from now this girl is my daughter and named her as Sita.

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