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Radhakrishn 28th July 2021 Written Update: Krishna Tricks With Mahadev

Radhakrishn 28th July 2021 Written Update: Krishna Tricks With Mahadev
Radhakrishn 28th July 2021 Written Update: Krishna Tricks With Mahadev

Radhakrishn 28th July 2021 Written Update Written Episode: Krishna Tricks With Mahadev: In today's episode of Radhakrishn you will see that how Krishna tricks with Mahadev as he make Bal Ganesh who is his nephew with his side.

The episode started with Bal Ganesh asking All Devta's and Indradev that anyone have more powerful weapon then Trishul and then Indradev said no one have this type of astra for which you can do for your play. Then Devi Parvati says to Indradev that don't take Ganesh words on your heart he is a kid so he makes this wishes then she says please come to the Bhojansthal. Then Parvati says to Ganesh we are waiting for someone then Ganesh says Maa who is making us to wait then Parvati says he make all the world to wait.

Krishna playing flute and then Radha comes there and said I am coming here for something but your flute make me forget then Krishna says why you come here and then Radha said why you don't eat meal of afternoon he says that I have invitation from somewhere I have to go there and Balram comes and say why only you got invitation not us and then Radha says yes why I also not get any invitation then Krishna replies that Radha you eat very small which make food insult then Balram says correct and then Krishna says Dau Balram you eat quite much that make all the food unavailable for others then Dau says are you making me insult then Krishna says no Dau. Then Krishna says to Radha pack the Kheer you made Radha.

On the other side finally all dev gan's arrive and Mhadev says now you get time all of you know that how much work is there then gan's says that we are with Bal Ganesh and Mata Parvati. Mahadev says now start work but Gan's says that Prabhu we can't do work now but it's time for Phal i.e Mahabhoj and also Krishna is coming he is also coming with some sweets and Mahdev says after Mahabhoj you all will sleep and Gan's says Prabhu after Mahabhoj you will also take rest. Then Mahadev says I am not coming in any Mahabhoj then Gan's says we will also not go there and Mahadev says no you all want Mahabhoj with Ganesh so go If I come there he will say give Trisul and If I got angry it is not good in front of so many guests. Then Mahadev says the main reason of not going to Mahabhoj because of Shri Krishna who make this trap now I am feeling quite happy after seeing Krishna gets trouble with Ganesh. Now finally Krishna arrives in Mahabhoj and Ganesh says you make all of us to wait then Krishna says Bhanje then Krishna says I am your Mama then Ganesh says Namaskar Mama Shri and then Krishna says Namaskar Bhanje then Ganesh says Mama's always come with gifts an then Krishna says yes I have come with sweetest Kheer made by Radha then all devta's says devi Radha's kheer.

Then all are ready for bhojan then Ganesh says I want my first bite from my mother then I will eat whole food then all devta's and Krishna eats food then devi Parvati distribute Kheer to all then Ganesh says this Kheer is the most sweetest sweet and all devta's it is equivalent to Amrit. Then Krishna demands that where is Modhagh and Parvati says my son and my brother both loves Modhagh then after Krishna says I think you will eat Modhagh fully but you are eating one 1 by one and Ganes says Mama I can't eat like that but Krishna says If you want anything you can do it definitely and also all the Modhagh are prepared especially for you by your mother. Then all the modhagh Ganesh eats completely. Then Mahdev says to gan's that any trouble you get there Gan's reply that where Vignahartha Ganesh is there no Vigna there. Then Gan's says all is good but we can't get Modhagh prepared by Mata Parvati as Ganesh all eats them then Mahadev says this is not good my Gan pret can't get any Modhagh there and Madev departure there to see. Now Krisna leaves from Kailash and Mahadev arrives there and says this is not good Ganesh and Ganesh replies that Mama shri says that if you want you can eat whole universe whole ocean then Ganesh says Mama shri is quite good.

Promo: Mahadev says to Ganesh that your Mama is Narayan and he has quite powerful astra i.e Sudharshan Chakra which is more powerful than Trishul then Ganesh arrives in Dwarka and meet Radha and Radha says welcome Shri Ganesh and Ganesh said that your are like My Mata.

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