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Ishk Par Zor Nahi 2nd August 2021 Written Update Check Here

Ishk Par Zor Nahi 2nd August 2021 Written Update Written Episode Check Here: Today's upcoming episode of Ishk Par Zor Nahi start with Ishqi saying I had called suraj, he is out of the city, he requested that the doctor regarding the drugs. Specialist says these meds aren't right, the patient is powerless. Ahaan says effectively make her fine. Specialist endorses meds. He leaves. Ahaan believes savitri's life fell in hazard in view of dadi, and still, at the end of the day she has pardoned her for the good of we. Ishqi says sit with her, I will get the medications. Ahaan really focuses on savitri. Dadi calls ishqi's office and asks did ishqi come. 
Ishk Par Zor Nahi 2nd August 2021 Written Update Check Here
Ishk Par Zor Nahi 2nd August 2021 Written Update Check Here: Credit SonyTV

The man says no, she took an off. Dadi asks kartik did you converse with ahaan. Kartik says no, advise me on the off chance that you have any work. Dadi says no, I m stressed, don't have the foggiest idea what's going on there. He requests that she chill, savitri is ahaan's mother, no agreement executioner. She asks do you know anything, she is a risky lady. He goes to get water for her. Dadi calls ahaan and says I m stressed for you, savitri can do anything. Ahaan asks how would she be able to respond, she has blacked out, all gratitude to you, you spiked her espresso, she has extreme incidental effect, I m occupied, I need to offer meds to mum. He closes call. Ishqi grins. Dadi thinks I need to accomplish something, I can't sit quiet. Ishqi says I will apply the emollient to her. 

Ahaan says I will do. Savitri gets cognizant and sees them. She grins and says you needed to stress as a result of me, I m better at this point. Ahaan says specialist said you needs rest, you ought to have advised me on the off chance that you're not well, in the event that anything happened to you, your accomplice would have sued us. She says relax, staff is there to deal with me, you might return home. Ishqi says we will go when suraj comes. Ahaan says we will go when we need, don't think we care for you, we would do this for anybody. Ishqi says these are your prescriptions. Ahaan asks will you give it on a vacant stomach. Ishqi says I will proceed to get some food. Riya says how didn't ishqi call me till now. Dadi goes to the bistro and says I need to converse with you. She keeps the reports. Ishqi carries the food and feeds to savitri. Ahaan says I will get water. Ishqi says all is getting great with time. They hear suraj coming. Ahaan says ishqi, we will leave now, suraj has come. Savitri says pause. She gets up. Ishqi asks what do you need. Savitri gives her a gift. She says its nek for you. Ishqi says no need. Savitri says I m offering this to my bahu, ahaan doesn't respect me his mum, however I respect him my child and you my bahu, its your right. Ahaan gestures to ishqi. Savitri favors ishqi. 

Ahaan and ishqi return home. She says I like adorable ahaan, I had affection toward you. He expresses profound gratitude for being my emotionally supportive network. She says I m consistently with you, long lasting, I will not disappear regardless of whether you say. He says I need to converse with you now. She says we will talk tomorrow, take rest now. They see riya. Everybody looks on. Kartik says I was calling you since long. Ahaan says my telephone was on quiet. Kartik says its past the point of no return now. Ishqi asks what's wrong. Riya says sorry ahaan, I can't conceal it more, I can't take more pressure in this state, we should tell everybody, particularly ishqi. Ahaan says pay attention to me, not currently. Riya asks then when, my father is discovering a union for me, I m stuck in the present circumstance, sorry, I need to do this, I need to advise them. Ahaan says kindly don't. Riya says I m pregnant, and this current kid's father is ahaan. Ishqi and everybody get stunned. 

Raj and sonu come. Riya says its valid, the reports are the confirmation, I m conveying ahaan's child in my belly. Ishqi cries. Riya cries and says I realize this ought to have not occurred, however it occurred, ahaan was intoxicated on our commitment night, I ought to have halted him, he was taking ishqi's name, I felt feeble, I have consistently cherished ahaan, yet tragically ahaan adored ishqi, I got self centered, I needed to live a few minutes prior to disappearing, then, at that point I understood that I m pregnant, whatever he did with me, I can excuse him, yet for what reason will my child endure. Dadi acts and admonishes her. 

She asks what's the evidence that its ahaan's child. Riya inquires as to for what reason are young ladies requested the confirmation, it was our error, for what reason am I rebuffed alone, on the grounds that I m a young lady. She thinks ishqi stands firm for ladies rights, come on ishqi, stand firm for me. She says truly sorry ishqi, I know ahaan and I have harmed you a ton, I didn't had boldness to confront you, when I became acquainted with that he didn't reveal to you anything, I understood that he is conning you now, he isn't straightforward with you. Ahaan thinks sorry ishqi, I wish I had advised this to you previously. Ishqi takes a gander at him. Dadi says I know what's ishqi going through. Chachi says ahaan, you fouled up with ishqi, I had guaranteed her maasi, what will I disclose to her now. Dadi says ishqi is in shock, I can't constrain you to remain with ahaan now. Ishqi cries.

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